Vivi Vassileva – „KA“ by Bushra El-Turk

„KA“ Concert for Percussion an String Orchestra by Bushra El-Turk im Konzerthaus Wien

©Franz Madegger
Im Konzerthaus Wien bei den Proben zur Premiere: Vivi Vassileva, Bushra El-Turk, Joji Hattori

„The concept behind Ka connects percussion soloist’s Viva Vassileva’s passion for ancient myths and legends alongside the commemoration of my late father, a year after his passing. Stemming from my constant questioning as to where my father’s soul is, ancient Egyptians believed that the soul had nine parts. In our times, the concept of the Ka is similar to that of the soul or spirit. However, the Ka symbolised much more, and this symbol has no western equivalent. It was believed that the Ka would go on living after death, separate from the body and was nourished and sustained through food and drink.“
Bushra El-Turk

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