„Fine Knacks for Ladies“ Bühnenrider

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Rider „Fine Knacks for Ladies“

Mixing board (i.e. Mackie, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft or better)
with 6 channel inputs minimum
(plus reverb effect if room acoustic is dry)

2x Vocal Microphones (Shure Beta 58 or better)
2x small-diaphragm condenser microphones for the guitars
1 microphone for Cajon

3x short microphone stands for guitar & cajòn,
2x regular size microphone stands with boom
incl. all cables

Channel inputs:
1 Viola (alto)
2 Vocals Augustin
3 Gitarre Augustin
4 Vocals Kosho
5 Gitarre Kosho
6 Cajon
(in the order the sound technician prefers)

2 way monitor system
2 monitor boxes (wedges)

Because of frustrating experience in the past we kindly ask to have the PA-system ready & running for sound check at the appointed time.
Thank you so much in advance!

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